Testimonial: “I was involved with the Cottage School of Music from 2001-2009. During this period, I gained experience singing in choirs, developed crucial aural skills, and received general musicianship training. Today, I am midway through a Bachelor of Arts degree Majoring in Music at the University of Western Australia, the assistant organist of St George’s Cathedral, and regularly sing in professional choirs and concerts around Perth. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today musically without the help of Cottage and Micheál McCarthy. The program is presented in an engaging and innovative manner for children in such a way that a great amount of knowledge is absorbed whilst still having a lot of fun. In my opinion, nowhere else in WA are you able to get such a high quality of musicianship training at such a young age, and would thoroughly recommend it for any child with a passion for music.” – Michael Lukin

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