Our 3 children all went through the Cottage School of Music from ages 5-15 with Micheál McCarthy and just loved the whole process. Micheál was able teach them extremely advanced musical techniques and concepts, seemingly without them even realizing they were learning, as the classes were run in a fun and supportive environment of games and activities.
There were able to gain a deeper understanding of musical concepts than is taught anywhere else to children of that age. Despite our children electing not to study music at a University level, they are able to hold their own against Music graduates through the knowledge and skills gained at any early age at the Cottage School. Now in their 20’s, our children are all accomplished musicians with the added benefit of an intuitive understanding of musical notation that doesn’t require conscious thought.
Through the Cottage School, they forged friendships with like-minded students that have lasted to this day and made relationships with musicians that have furthered their musical careers well into adulthood.
As parents, we enthusiastically recommend Micheál McCarthy’s music programs and our children cannot speak highly enough of him.
Anne & Anthony Dunne

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