“I’ve been teaching music for over 30 years and believe that Micheál’s program is hands down the best thing I’ve ever seen or had the privilege of being a part of. Solfa, theory, aural training and sight reading are often the things that are missed in private lessons, yet these are the things that are vitally important in making you a “musician” – the very elements that lead to students’ achieving the “A+” level. I’ve had a student swap from violin to viola without any clef stress calmly stating that she had “ already learned that with Micheál”. How wonderful that we didn’t need to spend addition lesson time or suffer any anxiety over learning the Alto Clef. There is a considerable difference between my students who have had the privilege of Micheál’s tuition, and the ones who have not. There is truly no comparison. So when it came to enrolling my own children, I couldn’t get there fast enough. I loved sitting in class and watching my children grow in their abilities, coordination, knowledge, rhythm, timing, history, dictation, anticipation, oral and aural skills and all while they were under the impression that they were only there to have fun. I believe these skills led to both of my children advancing to WAYO at an early age, and for the experience singing in St Georges Cathedral Choir and the WA Opera.” – Rennae van der Laan, Violin Teacher, and Vice-President AUSTA WA

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