“At the age of three I was introduced to music through Cottage School and continued attending for over twelve years, allowing me to witness the full affect it has on someone’s life, both personally and musically. The Kodály system gave me a solid understanding of the subtleties that exist in music – due to the pure joy for learning that filled the classes under the guidance of Micheál McCarthy. Having now been exposed to various other musical systems, I can say with certainty that the skills I was able to explore in classes allows for a greater understanding and appreciation of all systems. Now living in Switzerland and attending the Lausanne Conservatoire, every day I recognise the tangible benefits of having attended these classes. I am able to view music in a comprehensive way, with this translating to the view I have on life in general. I would recommend Cottage School to any child who wishes to explore music, irrespective of their future ambitions or level. The program allows for children to learn valuable skills in a well adapted environment through dance and song, without even knowing they are learning. It is without doubt an essential program for all who wish to expose their child to music and the arts.” Rita Fernendes

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