Micheál McCarthy is a specialist in the areas of Aural/Musicianship Training and Choral Training. He conducts workshops in Australia and overseas for schools, tertiary institutions, community organisations and corporate groups.

Primary and Secondary Musicianship Classes

These age-specific workshops for children aged 4-16 focus on a wide range of areas including aural & listening skills development, use of games to promote creativity and dynamism in a group, exploration of the role of the individual within an ensemble, aural/visual reactions and interaction, movement, stage management skills, performance-related anxiety, development of performance focus and communication skills, memory development, group awareness & use of space, development of voice blending, group sound development, promoting multi-layered part thinking and development of gross motor skills. The workshops cater for different learning styles, and include activities in which all students thrive.

‘General’ and ‘Specialist’ Music Teaching

These workshops for teachers focus on ways of teaching music in a fun, exciting and challenging way. Specific skills covered include pitch, rhythm, memory skills, reading/writing, creativity, composition, improvisation, inner hearing, part thinking, form, and stylistic awareness. The sessions also include dynamic teaching approaches that suit all styles of learning.

Choir Workshops

These choral sessions focus on the fundamental nature of choral singing, and include highly detailed warm ups, choral ensemble skills, aural/visual reactions & interaction, movement, stage management, performance focus, creativity, communication, and innovative rehearsal techniques. These workshops explore highly effective ways of improving choral sound, using methods tried and tested by Micheál over 30 years.

Photos: Nick Hardcastle

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